so, it’s been a while… january 30th. twenty fifteen.

So, it’s now 2015. Damn. I really let this blog go by the wayside, and I apologize to anyone who still reads/visits this. One of my “resolutions” for 2015 is to photograph more and share my images more – which includes blogging and printing (and hey, maybe even selling!). I am also considering revamping this blog and my website (both need it). More on that later.

On to the photos… I really haven’t been shooting much to be honest. Since my last post, I’ve only managed to get out and take “me” photos a handful of times. By “me” photos, I mean going out wondering, exploring, and basically taking photos of things I was interested in – versus taking photos I was being paid to take (which happened too, thankfully). I snapped some photos at a couple of local events in Las Cruces, during a fishing trip in Northern New Mexico, and during a recent snow storm in Las Cruces. Many of these have been posted on facebook, but some haven’t; I really want to work on posting here more.

So, here are some of my favorite photos from the past few months, and some I just got a little carried away with in Lightroom:

bald_1 soaringeagletree_1 snow_1 snow_2 sanjuanriver_3 piano hands GX7 organswithfuji_1 lascrucesmaze_3 lascrucesmaze_2 lascrucescomicon_1 grillbuddy_1 flower_1 cranes trashbag sanjuanriver_2 sanjuanriver_1

Images shot with a variety of cameras and lenses.

Editing with Adobe Lightroom 5.7

what have I been up to… july 8th. twenty fourteen.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. A LONG while. Work (teaching) and school took up a lot of my time (since my last post), leaving little for photography adventures. Sure, I had some contract work to fulfill off and on, but I really didn’t get behind the camera that much.

Honestly, it was nice taking a break. All too often, I find myself worrying about “capturing moments” rather than enjoying the moment. I went on a fishing trip in June and only took one photo, the rest of the time I just fished and enjoyed the time with my father and the beauty of Northern New Mexico.

I am back in South Texas enjoying my “Summer Break” with my dad and the girlfriend. Haven’t taken many photos, but I’m getting some ideas and will soon get back behind the camera.

Until then, here are some photos from my last couple of adventures in New Mexico; the last is the ONLY photo I took during my fishing trip. Enjoy.














the crosses b&w

the crosses


Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 and a variety of lenses.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5.5.

shootin’ the bird. march 17th, twenty fourteen.

When I first moved to Las Cruces a couple of years ago, I heard about a giant roadrunner sculpture; I asked around a bit and got several stories. Finally, a quick Google search gave me a better understanding of what the roadrunner is… It’s an educational piece created by artist Olin Calk and it’s made entirely out of recycled materials (to help educate about recycling…in case you didn’t make that connection).

Some of what I read said the bird was once a “welcome sign” for Las Cruces, but it’s since moved around and slowly deteriorated (it is made out of trash after all…). Since I never got a straight answer as to where the bird is, or if it still existed, I gave up my search.

One day while wondering the Farmer’s Market, I saw a picture of the roadrunner…my curiosity was again piqued and I asked the gentleman about the photo. In an apparent attempt to sell me the photo, he gave this long story of the bird and why it’s moved so many times – of note: this was again a completely different story from anything else I have heard – I asked where I could find the roadrunner and he gave me directions to the artist’s home (curiosity again rose since he failed to mention whether the sculpture was there or not). 

Fast forward to February 2014, when the lady came for a visit, we’re driving around wondering what to do. It hit me. I pulled out of my phone and she got the directions (I started to do this myself, but she yelled and took the phone).

It was pretty easy to find…I mean there is a giant roadrunner in the guy’s front yard after all…We stopped, got the meet Olin and finally get the true story (or at least his version of it); after chatting with the artist for a bit, we set off to photograph the infamous roadrunner – 







Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5.3.

the lady came for a visit. march 5th, twenty fourteen.

Well, I am finally getting around to another post. Photos from personal projects are piling up as paid work takes precedent. Also, school has been picking up as is my other work. So far, it’s been a good and busy 2014…unfortunately that translates to less posting. I am really trying to set time for more posting (I know, I know…I say that ever post, but this time I really mean it!).

Anyway, back to what matters..the photos. Well, at least what matters for the one or two of you that actually still read my blog posts…

A couple of weeks ago, the girlfriend came for a visit. It was nice seeing her and we went all over Las Cruces exploring. Some times we brought the cameras, other times we left them behind. It’s nice that both of us are photographers because we don’t get annoyed when one says “Stop, I want to take a picture.” We spent some time at the farmer’s market, shot the bird (that’s for another post), and walked about New Mexico State University. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I was happy with the ones I did…at least the ones I’ve edited so far –











Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5, and Silver Efex Pro 2.

finally! first post of the 2014. february 11, twenty fourteen.

Well, so much for that “at least one post a month” resolution…

Here we are in the year 2014. The year of the horse. An olympic year. A world cup year. A year in which I (hopefully) photograph and post more…although I’m not off to a good start. However, this time I have some legit excuses: I have started taking classes again and I have been pretty busy with teaching – workshops and for the public schools here in Las Cruces. I’ve also been involved with a book project on street art (more on this later). See, I’ve been  busy.

I managed to take a few photos though. I got together with a couple of photographer friends, Erik and Frank, and walked down Picacho Ave. here in Las Cruces; I also took some shots while hiking through the Soledad Canyons. One of the highlights, besides finally getting back behind the camera, was using Frank’s Fuji XE-2 .

Here are some of the photos from both outings… you’ve already seen some of these if we’re facebook friends, but not all…

fuji xe-2_5








picacho ave_4

fuji xe-2_1

fuji xe-2_2

fuji xe-2_3

I expect I will be taking more pictures since the girlfriend is coming for a visit this weekend (super excited!!!!!); we always end up exploring when she comes to town, so (hopefully) I will have more photos to share next week.

Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 with the Canon 35 1.4L lens, and Fuji XE-2 with the Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 4.4, Silver Efex Pro 2, and Color Efex Pro 4.

the best present ever (this year). december 28th, twenty thirteen.

Last post of the year. I plan on spending these last couple of days of 2013 (holy crap…the year is almost over! Crazy!) reflecting on the year and thinking about what I hope to accomplish next year, 2014; hoping for big things, professionally and personally.

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite gifts I received this Christmas: from my girlfriend, Rocio.

Now, the gift is awesome…but it’s the back story that makes it perfect…

My girlfriend and I are both photographers, and much like most other photographers I know, we collect old cameras. About 5 or 6 months ago, we were chatting on the internets (she lives in Texas and I live in New Mexico, we spend a lot of time “iMessaging” and “FaceTiming”) about cameras we want. We somehow got talking about Kodak Brownies; I sent her this picture I came across on Flickr of a Brownie I’ve been looking for, but unable to find –

And that was it. That was the end of the conversation about cameras; never again was this camera mentioned, some 5-6 months ago.

Fast forward to December – I go to Brownsville to spend some time with Rocio; while we are driving around town, she gets a call that a package has arrived at the office of her apartment complex. When we return, she picks up the package and says it’s my christmas present…so of course I start asking about it; finally she tells me to open it and I did…

Words cannot describe how amazed I was to open the box and see this…



Not only did she remember the camera I talked about 5-6 MONTHS AGO, but she found the whole freakin’ kit! I was floored. I actually cried (a little!). I didn’t know what to say.

I love the camera! But what I love even more is that this was something I briefly mentioned 5-6 months ago; all that time passed and she still remembered the exact one I wanted it! I can’t describe how amazing it was…how amazing it is… to have her remember. I feel so blessed to have Rocio in my life. Best girlfriend ever. She is the cat’s pajamas.

She got me some film too, I just need to figure out how to run 120 film through a 620 camera.

And of course, since it was a christmas present, I had to take a christmas-inspired photo of it (also being inspired by the original photo I found on Flickr…) –



Well, that about does it for 2013. It’s been an interesting year and I am somewhat excited to see what happens in 2014. Cheers. 


life gets in the way, part dos. december 12th, twenty thirteen.

Despite being busy with substitute teaching, contracted photo work, job searching, and teaching workshops, I have actually managed to take some photos for fun. Some good ones too (no one ever sees the bad ones, so I guess they are all good right?). I remembered to grab my camera while running around town (mainly taking care of all the above mentioned duties). Las Cruces got some snow a few weeks ago, so that provided another photo adventure.

And while I am still in search of a good, small camera to carry with me – maybe Santa will bring me one or at least rig some post-christmas sales so I can pick one up – I rented the Panasonic GX-7 a while back…great little camera, but need more than a weekend with it; will have some shots from that in a few days.

For now, enjoy some of the photos I’ve done over the last couple of weeks… 



uplandtrail copy







Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 4.4, Silver Efex Pro 2, and Color Efex Pro 4.


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