i love my job. november 11th. twenty fifteen.

Early last month (October), a friend asked me to photograph an adoption event for an organization she is involved with. I was hesitant because I am not a fan of event photography; I dislike “posed” photos and that’s a lot of what event photography entails. She said it was for the Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. Now, without going through some huge back story, I have a long relationship with Golden Retrievers; my family raised Goldens, I grew up with them, and have always had Goldens until recently. I was told this was an event mainly celebrating all the Golden Retrievers they’ve helped place – meaning most of the dogs there already belonged to someone; I was kinda bummed…but it’s probably a good thing because I would have taken one (or five) home.

Once I learned more about the event, and the expected size, I got a few members from my photo club involved. Since these photos would be used to help promote their organization, I wanted to get them as many images as possible. Also, I knew I would probably be spending too much time playing with all the pups!

When I arrived, I was immediately tackled by three Goldens. I was happy. I spent about 3 hours walking around taking pictures of all these beautiful Goldens, and a lot of that time also playing with them. Here are some (a lot) of my favorites:





















It’s pretty safe to say I had a blast. I also learned trying to photograph playful animals can be difficult, but I definitely wasn’t complaining…


Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 , Canon 35 1.4L and Tokina Fisheye 10-17 lenses.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

new camera. october 10th. twenty fifteen.

So, I got a new camera!…back in June…

Some of you know that I’ve been shopping around for a smaller camera system. I love my Canon, but I don’t always like lugging it around. It’s heavy and the lenses are heavy; it’s just too much to bring when I don’t even know if am going to shoot, but still want a camera for “just in case” moments. I find a camera I like, but then something new comes out, so I keep putting it off. This past summer I knew I would be traveling, so I wanted something small to carry around all the time. I like the Fuji X100(x), but couldn’t justify $1,300.00; I’ve used them before and REALLY want one – the controls are fantastic, the image quality is great and they are just fun to use. But again, the price. I wanted to get something quick; I was looking and came across the Ricoh GR. I’ve heard good things about it, watched a couple of reviews and all was mostly positive. When I saw it was on sale, I pulled the trigger. It’s a fixed lens (23mm equivalent), small and pocketable (smaller than the X100), and easy to use. It’s a perfect “walk around” camera with great image quality and a fixed lens, which is what I was looking for.

from bhphoto.com

from bhphoto.com

It easily slips in my pocket. It is easy to use. It shoots RAW (DNG).

The GR has served me well so far. Again, the key feature is the fact it’s so small. I always have it in my backpack (or pocket). It was great when I went to Santa Fe in June. It survived a fishing trip in July. And I’ve even done some product work with it. I really haven’t had any complaints so far. This won’t replace my Canon system, but it’s nice to have a camera that is small enough that I don’t think twice about taking it with me.

Here are a few images I’ve grabbed with the Ricoh GR:

santafe-06-22-15_1 deadoptimus_1 farmersmarket_1 farmersmarket61315_1 farmersmarket61315_3 farmersmarket61315_4 farmersmarket61315_5 farmersmarket61315_6 farmersmarket61315_7 farmersmarket61315_8 organ_1 organ_2 organ_3 santafe-06-22-15_2 santafe-06-22-15_3 santafe-06-23-15_4 santafe-06-23-15_5 santafe-06-23-15_3

Images shot with Ricoh GR (23mm equivalent lens).

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

model shoot. organ, new mexico. october 8th. twenty fifteen.

The theme “life gets in the way” seems to reoccur often in terms of my blogging abilities. But life really has gotten in the way, especially lately. Sure, I haven’t posted since January (that was only a couple of months ago, right?), but between finishing school and traveling, I just stopped posting. So, in short dear reader, get ready for an onslaught of blog posts in the next couple of days as I (once again) try to revive this…

A couple of months ago, 2 other photog friends got together for a model shoot. We decided to head out to Organ, New Mexico and utilize a dilapidated building just off the highway. Now, I am not a people photographer – unless they are laying on an operating table – so I went in with caution. In fact, I was just planning on sitting back and let Erik and Frank do the shooting; I would just assist, handle lighting, and get some behind-the-scenes shots. However, while holding the reflector, I started to “see” things. I saw the way the sun was coming in across the model as she sat in a busted out window frame. It was perfect. So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and started shooting away. Later, I had an idea for a shot, after Erik and I worked through a lot of tests, we finally got what I was looking for; it would have been perfect had it not been for a flash we forgot to relocate – this is the problem with only having the back of the camera to view images, you don’t see everything.

Here are a few of my images from the shoot in Organ:

Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_5 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_7 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_3 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_9 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_4 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_6c Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_2 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_8 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_1 copy

Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 and a couple of different lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

so, it’s been a while… january 30th. twenty fifteen.

So, it’s now 2015. Damn. I really let this blog go by the wayside, and I apologize to anyone who still reads/visits this. One of my “resolutions” for 2015 is to photograph more and share my images more – which includes blogging and printing (and hey, maybe even selling!). I am also considering revamping this blog and my website (both need it). More on that later.

On to the photos… I really haven’t been shooting much to be honest. Since my last post, I’ve only managed to get out and take “me” photos a handful of times. By “me” photos, I mean going out wondering, exploring, and basically taking photos of things I was interested in – versus taking photos I was being paid to take (which happened too, thankfully). I snapped some photos at a couple of local events in Las Cruces, during a fishing trip in Northern New Mexico, and during a recent snow storm in Las Cruces. Many of these have been posted on facebook, but some haven’t; I really want to work on posting here more.

So, here are some of my favorite photos from the past few months, and some I just got a little carried away with in Lightroom:

bald_1 soaringeagletree_1 snow_1 snow_2 sanjuanriver_3 piano hands GX7 organswithfuji_1 lascrucesmaze_3 lascrucesmaze_2 lascrucescomicon_1 grillbuddy_1 flower_1 cranes trashbag sanjuanriver_2 sanjuanriver_1

Images shot with a variety of cameras and lenses.

Editing with Adobe Lightroom 5.7

what have I been up to… july 8th. twenty fourteen.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. A LONG while. Work (teaching) and school took up a lot of my time (since my last post), leaving little for photography adventures. Sure, I had some contract work to fulfill off and on, but I really didn’t get behind the camera that much.

Honestly, it was nice taking a break. All too often, I find myself worrying about “capturing moments” rather than enjoying the moment. I went on a fishing trip in June and only took one photo, the rest of the time I just fished and enjoyed the time with my father and the beauty of Northern New Mexico.

I am back in South Texas enjoying my “Summer Break” with my dad and the girlfriend. Haven’t taken many photos, but I’m getting some ideas and will soon get back behind the camera.

Until then, here are some photos from my last couple of adventures in New Mexico; the last is the ONLY photo I took during my fishing trip. Enjoy.














the crosses b&w

the crosses


Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 and a variety of lenses.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5.5.

shootin’ the bird. march 17th, twenty fourteen.

When I first moved to Las Cruces a couple of years ago, I heard about a giant roadrunner sculpture; I asked around a bit and got several stories. Finally, a quick Google search gave me a better understanding of what the roadrunner is… It’s an educational piece created by artist Olin Calk and it’s made entirely out of recycled materials (to help educate about recycling…in case you didn’t make that connection).

Some of what I read said the bird was once a “welcome sign” for Las Cruces, but it’s since moved around and slowly deteriorated (it is made out of trash after all…). Since I never got a straight answer as to where the bird is, or if it still existed, I gave up my search.

One day while wondering the Farmer’s Market, I saw a picture of the roadrunner…my curiosity was again piqued and I asked the gentleman about the photo. In an apparent attempt to sell me the photo, he gave this long story of the bird and why it’s moved so many times – of note: this was again a completely different story from anything else I have heard – I asked where I could find the roadrunner and he gave me directions to the artist’s home (curiosity again rose since he failed to mention whether the sculpture was there or not). 

Fast forward to February 2014, when the lady came for a visit, we’re driving around wondering what to do. It hit me. I pulled out of my phone and she got the directions (I started to do this myself, but she yelled and took the phone).

It was pretty easy to find…I mean there is a giant roadrunner in the guy’s front yard after all…We stopped, got the meet Olin and finally get the true story (or at least his version of it); after chatting with the artist for a bit, we set off to photograph the infamous roadrunner – 







Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5.3.

the lady came for a visit. march 5th, twenty fourteen.

Well, I am finally getting around to another post. Photos from personal projects are piling up as paid work takes precedent. Also, school has been picking up as is my other work. So far, it’s been a good and busy 2014…unfortunately that translates to less posting. I am really trying to set time for more posting (I know, I know…I say that ever post, but this time I really mean it!).

Anyway, back to what matters..the photos. Well, at least what matters for the one or two of you that actually still read my blog posts…

A couple of weeks ago, the girlfriend came for a visit. It was nice seeing her and we went all over Las Cruces exploring. Some times we brought the cameras, other times we left them behind. It’s nice that both of us are photographers because we don’t get annoyed when one says “Stop, I want to take a picture.” We spent some time at the farmer’s market, shot the bird (that’s for another post), and walked about New Mexico State University. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I was happy with the ones I did…at least the ones I’ve edited so far –











Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5, and Silver Efex Pro 2.


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