221-240. Two Months.

Well, it’s been two months since my last post on here. Not that I haven’t been busy shooting (I have…I am currently on Day 281), just haven’t been posting on here. I still wish I could find an easy way to post to here (WordPress), Instagram, and Facebook – all in one simple move. I am sure one exists…I mean I can’t be the only lazy one out there, right?!!? Of course, I am sure by the time I find one I will be done with my 2018 365 project.

Oh well. Here’s Day 221-240…


215-220/365. Oops I did it again..

My father has been visiting for the last few days so posts here have been delayed.

Sorry. Not Sorry.

I have still been shooting each day (and posting to Instagram/Facebook), but I am going to enjoy the time with my father when I can. So, here are days 215-220. Enjoy!




214/365. Where it all began.

Drove around Alamogordo, New Mexico, today and came across this little swing set. It seemed to be in decent condition but also used heavily. Finding old sets like these makes me think about all the history, all the stories they hold. I tried finding the owner – it was at the bottom of a hill in front of a couple of houses – but didn’t have any luck.

Image shot with Sony a7II, Sony 50 1.8 lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC.

213/365. Archery is (almost) here!

So for those who don’t already know, besides photography, I also work at an elementary school here in Las Cruces, New Mexico; I am the PE assistant and also coach our archery team/club. It is something I got involved with a few years ago and was able to take over the program officially last year. It is a blast and honestly the main reason I still work for the school system (that’s another story for another time). The school year is about to start and that means archery will again be going strong in a number of weeks. This summer, I haven’t really been doing much shooting – I have been traveling and enjoying summer (being lazy, catching up with friends across Texas, drinking, eating, etc.). It’s time I get back to the range and practice – mainly so I can at least stay one step ahead of the students I coach. I am slowly getting back in form, and can’t wait to get shooting with the kids!

Image shot with iPhone 8.

Edited with Snapseed for iOS.

212/365. What lies in the shadows.

I was walking around some farm land here in Las Cruces and came across this brush. I love the way it had a sort of hole/gap and I knew I immediately wanted to play with the shadows. Instead of using my Sony, I decided to grab my Holga 135bc which happened to have a roll of black and white film in it. After developing and scanning the film, I pushed the shadows a bit more to give it more of a creepy vibe.

I am happy with how this turned out.

Image shot with Holga 135bc.

Film developed and scanned; shadows pushed in Adobe Lightroom CC.

211/365. I have the power.

So I forgot to post this yesterday, but there’s actually a good reason…and it’s a little ironic. I edited the photo, then posted it to Facebook and Instagram; very shortly after the power went out. Now this was unfortunate but also slightly funny because my photo was of a power box downtown. My title…”I have the power.” But shortly after posting to FB/Instagram, I DIDN’T have the power. While I was frustrated about the power being out, I did get a little laugh about the irony relating to my photo of the day.


Image shot with Holga 135bc.

210/365. Untitled 3869.


Image shot with Sony a7II, Sony 50 1.8 lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC.

209/365. Imagination station.

Went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon and took my camera. There are so many things to take pictures of at HL and sometimes you need to use your imagination and look at things differently. HL already has Christmas stuff out, so there’s even more to play around with. Saw this bow and I knew I wanted to try something different; dropped my aperture to f/1.8 and had some fun…

Image shot with Sony a7II, Sony 50 1.8 lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC.

208/365. What a deal!

If you’ve ever been out snapping photos with me – or if you are a regular viewer of this lovely blog – you know I tend to find random things to take pictures of. Very random. Signs are also always an interest. The more random, the better.

I was driving around after shooting some arrows and found this. I don’t know what “5 OPCT” is, but it sounds like a great deal! 🤓🙃

Image shot with Ricoh GR.

Edited with Lightroom CC.

207/365. Eeyore is my spirit animal.

I have always related to Eeyore.

Image shot with iPhone 8.

Edited with Snapseed for iOS.