And… here… we… go! 365 Day 1 – January 9, twenty ten.

When I originally decided to do a 365 project, I planned on starting January 1st. Unfortunately, I thought I would have a lot to get done PLUS I worked New Year’s weekend, so I was going to start February 1st. I then realized how far off that was, and with most of my friends starting Jan. 1, I would be way behind. So I am starting today, January 9; this is actually the day Christopher Columbus saw three mermaids – manatees – in 1493 (source: So I am convincing myself that I was waiting until this day in history to start; although in truth, I just didn’t have my shit together to start Jan. 1, twenty ten.

Today, a couple of photog friends got together and took a trip to Slaton, TX. I found this inside a torn down building, that was apparently – at one point – a physician’s office or hospital. Being a medical photographer, this old X-ray machine stuck out to me. This wasn’t my favorite photo from the day, but I am happy with it.

Shot with Canon 5D MK2 and  edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.6

  1. Great to see it’s started, Rob!

    And love the shot!

  2. Welcome the project (though I only started because of you). I really like this picture and look forward to seeing what you come up with every day.

  3. about time you started…this is a very productive trip.

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