Day 9…Extremely Lazy Sunday…

Today was a typical lazy Sunday. Didn’t do much – played a little soccer, cleaned (sorta), and did some homework. However…I had yet to take a photo. Since I am doing this Project 365, I figured this would be great opportunuty to re-start my traveling gnome project. Years ago, I was inspired by “The Red Couch: A Portrait of America” project. This project basically entailed traveling across country with a red velvet couch and photographing it in obscure places. I tried a similar project where I took a yard gnome and photographed it in various locations. However, that soon died and my yard gnome was destroyed…apparently two-foot concrete statues DO NOT FLY WELL…

I tried again, but could not find a yard gnome worth replacing it’s predecessor – Lemmiwinks, yes named from South Park. While I am still looking…I picked up this substiture yard gnome to re-start my project.

Meet Rumple the Gnome –

If I find a better gnome, I will use both. But until then, Mr. Rumble will satisfy the beginnings of my project.

Shot with iPhone 3G using CameraBag app with the Helga Filter (an option within the app).

  1. lawn gnome! yay!

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