Day 14/365…all hail dusty west texas…january 22, 2010

If you live in (or near) Lubbock, TX, you know when it’s windy, it’s also dusty…very dusty. Mainly because Lubbock is surrounded by farm land…and the constant construction probably doesn’t help either. Lately, it has been pretty windy and dusty – so I thought I’d share with the world…or at those who read my blog…what West Texas looks like on a windy, dusty Friday afternoon –

Sadly…that sky is not photoshopped, it is really that brown. I REALLY hope it’s like this tomorrow because I want to go further out and take some sunset shots…I think dusty sunsets are amazing.

Shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 35 1.4L lens.

ISO 50, 35mm, f8.0 @ 1/500 sec. Edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.6.

  1. thought about shooting outside today, but camera is dusty enough…no need to add to the grime

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