Day 15/365…lazy day, but get ready for glow light round 2…january 23, 2010

Today was a pretty lazy day for me. I ran a couple of errands and bought some stuff for future photo ideas. I took my DSLR with me hoping to find something to shoot along the way, but found nothing. I figured I would just do something at home with the new stuff I bought, but wanted to wait.

A few months ago, a few friends and myself got together for some night shooting around downtown Lubbock. We eventually ended up on a rooftop playing with flashes, long exposures, and a ton of glow sticks. For those that took part in this, you know how awesome it was…for the ones who missed, you can see some of the chaos here! While gathering various other photo props, I picked up some more glow sticks and sparklers. Also, today, I got a new app for my iPhone and wanted to give it a try…so get ready for Friday Night Glow Lights, Part 2 – Shot with iPhone 3G using Mobile app.

I can’t wait for this to happen again, and I hope more people are able to make it!

  1. I say lets plan a night for this to happen! I know the first time didn’t end up working out for most, but I am so excited to do this! 🙂

      • Rob
      • January 23rd, 2010

      Actually, the first time was A-mazing! Check the link to the photos from that night….

      I think you are talking about the attempt from a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I absolutely cannot wait. 😀

  3. I remember this night…was a blast, cant wait

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