Day 20/365…not sure why I picked this one…january 28, 2010

It snowed in Lubbock today. It snowed A Lot…for Lubbock that is. I will be the first to tell you, that I LOVE snow…not just for photography, but to look at, play in, and more…

Now, I honestly DID NOT want to post a photo of something with snow. Most of the other folks I am doing this Project 365 with already posted a photo dealing with the snow. So by the time I got home, I knew I wanted to shoot something different for todays photo. I still wanted to get some snow pics though, so I went out with a couple of other photogs to shoot around Tech campus. While shooting, I captured this…

Honestly, this isn’t my favorite shot from the outing. But something just hits me with this…I think it’s the chaos of lines in the branches…I don’t know.

Shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 35 1.4L lens.

ISO 400, 35mm, f4.0 @ 1/320 sec. Edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.6.

  1. Or maybe the chaos that one of the branches would cause if it hit you. 🙂

    Nice shot!

  2. Nice shot, where are the others?

  3. looks great!

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