Day 40/365…nobody puts baby in a container…february 17, 2010

Went to Wal-Mart after work to pick up some storage containers. While grabbing the lids, I noticed a yellow sticker on the under side of the lid – the bottom of the lid, if you will. I originally thought it was a price tag or a sticker with the brand info. No, I was wrong…it was a warning –

I couldn’t help but grab a shot of this! Apparently, it’s unsafe to put your baby in these containers and close the lid….who woulda thought…

The scary part about this – much like the truck release on the INSIDE  – is that these stickers now exist because babies HAVE been trapped in these containers.

Shot with iPhone 3G using The Best Camera app.

(Sorry for the out of focus text)

  1. I love the grainy quality of this image…it almost feels like YOU are IN the container. AWESOME! (And I kind of fear for our society when he have to put stickers like this on our containers.)

  2. Speaking of warnings, this is a great one!

    Another favorite is the “Warning: Hot contents” printed on paper coffee cups.

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