Day 52/365…I really need to stop and think…march 1, 2010

If you have been on a photo adventure with me, you know I tend to not always think before trying something. Recently, I’ve had my camera stuck under a house, cut myself multiple times, climbed down to the bottom of a cotton gin, been stung and bitten several times, nearly broken a few bones, and there was that whole camera going underwater incident – all this in the attempt to get the perfect shot; sometimes it’s worth it, others not so much. Well, tonight was no different. Over the weekend, I bought supplies to do pinhole photography with my DSLR. Since I have a ton of homework tonight, I thought I’d just snap a quick photo of those supplies – 

In the top left of the picture, there is a rolled up piece of sheet metal (it’s kinda hard to see what it is in the photo). I cut the wrap around it without thinking…the entire roll came undone quickly and sliced my hand open. Not the most fun I’ve had. The sad part is that I am not really happy with the photo…but I don’t feel like taking another one at this point.

Shot with iPhone 3G using CameraBag app.

  1. Rob, we talked about this. Smart choices! ha!

    and pinhole fun will be had soon

    • Carmela Chavez Liberman
    • March 1st, 2010

    I’m eager to see what you come up with. I’ve been wanting to do digital pinhole for awhile.

  2. Cool! Looking forward to see the result! I’ll get my hands on some sheet metal myself this week. I’ll remember to be more careful 😉

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