Day 103/365…fits like a glove…april 21, 2010

I got a call for some shots with shoes in them. I didn’t get any more specifics than that. I went through some of my photos that focused on shoes, however I couldn’t find too many. Since these are for a catalog, I decided to send this one –

I should hear next week if they decide to use the shot.

Shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 50 1.4 lens.

ISO 100, 50mm, f18 @ 1/125 sec. Edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.6.

    • Carm
    • May 12th, 2010

    Did you give up? You stopped posting pictures

      • robertpeinert
      • May 13th, 2010

      No, I plan on starting again this weekend. I got tied up finishing final projects and papers for school and had to put a hold on my Project 365; I had been shooting some, just not posting.

        • Carm
        • May 13th, 2010

        Oh good! I know you were feeling a little uninspired, so I’m glad you are soldiering on.

  1. I used to have those shoes and they were my most favorite pair, and they pretty much fell apart.
    Since you just shot a brand new pair, I am assuming they still sell them…MUST FIND SHOES NOW.

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