Day 1 (or 110?)/365…guess who’s back…september uno, 2010

What can I say….last time I really posted anything, besides pictures from Hurricane Alex, I was leaving my 365 project to focus on my photography business. Well, I’ve made some (small) progress on my business, but now am working on a much bigger project of trying to start a medical photography/video business – that update I will leave for another day.

I noticed that Alison has again picked up her 365 project and is sharing her adventures; so, this inspired me to (re)start my 365 project as well. I think the last time I posted a 365 post, I was on Day 109. However, I think it will be easier for me to just “start fresh.” So, here I go again….

I drove back from San Antonio today and saw a bunch of wild flowers growing along the highway. Once I got further south, near Robstown, I saw these little flowers and decided to take a quick shot –

Shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 24-105 f4.0L lens.

ISO 200, 72mm, f4.0 @ 1/160 sec. Edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.7

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