I Get Around. February 27, twenty eleven.

I’m doing an online photo project/adventure with a group of friends that used to all live in Lubbock, but are now scattered across the state. (More on this later in a soon-to-be post.) Our first topic is “by the numbers.” It’s up the individual to interpret it however they feel. So with a couple of ideas in mind, I went out in search of supplies. My first stop was Hobby Lobby, the land of arts and crafts….and annoying kids.

When I left, sadly empty-handed, I noticed a sign on the door. A warning sign. One of those signs with the big red circle and the red line through it. I though maybe smoking or something like that. But I was wrong.

Now, I’ve seen “No Skateboarding” and “No Loitering” signs around places like this. But this was a new one: 


My first thought on this is why not capitalize “with” and make it that more demanding.

I mean really Hobby Lobby, no Heelys?!?!? Not cool man, not cool.

So are Heelys the skateboards of this century? I know I’m dating myself, but I can still remember when everyone had a skateboard, rode it everywhere, and pissed off everyone when “shredding” down the sidewalks. At least with skateboards they can be told to carry the thing and stay off; if the kid is wearing shoes with wheels, what can you do? Tell the kid to take off his shoes and walk around in his socks? I’m pretty sure that’s more of a risk than them just wearing the shoes. I wonder if I can get Heelys in my size; then another trip to Hobby Lobby would be in order…. To the shoe store I go!

Shot with iPhone 3G using The Best Camera app.

  1. Actually rob, I want to see you in Heeley’s so I hope to god they do.

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