animal antics. march 19, twenty eleven.

Animal Antics: This is the second “theme” in our long-distance photo adventure.

Not much to say about this one. Honestly, given current life situations, this wasn’t a favorite but I made the most of it. The reason I was not a fan is because I REALLY want to have a dog again. I miss our dogs we used to breed and raise, I miss having dogs at the various places I lived, I just miss having a dog period. I know I can easily get one, but with only doing freelance work at the moment, money is tight; having raised dogs for so long, I am aware at how expensive they can be.

Another reason I was not a fan, I don’t know a lot of people down here with animals. Yes, there are a ton of cows around here…but cows just stand there and eat all day; not too exciting. So I visited a friend in Mexico and photographed a couple of his “wild” dogs. He calls them “wild” because they just showed up one day and stuck around. He has since “adopted” them – took them in, cleaned then up, chipped them, feeds them, etc. They are now his dogs although he still refers to them as “wild.”

Once I finally got around to editing for this current theme, I noticed two other photogs participating posted dog shots. Not taking anything away from them, they are both great. But I wanted to do something different. So, off to the Brownsville zoo I went.

It was another “lovely” 90 degree day, so most of the animals were hiding in the shade (I don’t blame them) or sitting around sunning themselves. One of the zoo workers noticed I was taking photographs – kinda hard to hide a big camera with a grip AND a long white lens –  and offered to go in and “wake up” some of the tigers. Since I wasn’t sure what “waking up” entailed, I told her not to bother. After walking around for a bit, I finally found some monkeys playing around.

Now, I was “smart” and went mid-day, around 3 PM, when the lighting is just….shitty. But this gave me a chance to really play with Adobe Lightroom. Here is what I came up with: 

I wasn’t going for the HDR look, but it just worked….sorta.

Shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 70-200 2.8L IS lens.

ISO 200, 82mm, f4 @ 1/320 sec – same for all three images. Edited with Lightroom 2.7.

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