San Benito Carnivàle. March 23, twenty 11.

Let me start out by stating: I am BAD when it comes to editing personal work. I’ll shoot, import the photographs into Lightroom, and throw away the maybe “trash” images. Then they sit there. Unedited. Unposted. It’s not that I’m too busy or anything…I’m just lazy. Unless I see something I want to print or “showcase”, I figure why bother. I’m trying to get better; at least I keep telling myself this as I look through my last four unedited shoots.

A couple of weeks ago, a photo group I am involved with went to a carnival in the nearby town of San Benito, TX. This little carnival has been traveling around The Valley for a while now (in fact, it just finished up a stint in my hometown of Harlingen, TX) and we thought it might be a “fun” thing to shoot.

Not much to say about the images; I only brought a prime 35mm to “challenge” myself (something I later regretted) and ended up doing a lot of long exposures. Enjoy.

All images shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.7.

  1. Excellent shots. love the gator

  2. I looooove the long exposure shots! They look so good!

    • Katherynn
    • March 23rd, 2011

    wow, LOVE these! Love the long exposure shots (Ferris Wheel and the Spinny-thing one) and the sunset shot. Awesome!

    Stop being lazy, and post more stuff! 🙂

  3. looks like fun! What is that gator doing… I dont quite get it but it looks to be rather large….

      • robertpeinert
      • March 24th, 2011

      the gator was there for “disruptive children” as one of the carnies stated. it was just some inflatable climby-thingy.

      I tried to get on, but that didn’t work out too well….

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