whatever the weather. April 3, twenty 11.

Whatever the Weather: This is the third – I think – “randomly selected” theme in this long-distance photo adventure some friends and myself are doing.

I had some great shots for this one after a trip to New Mexico; I even had some of a beautiful rain storm approaching. Stoked. I then had another shoot just across the border and got some even better shots.

However, after a last-minute trip to South Padre Island, I knew I found THE shot I wanted to use for this round.

Now, I am not a water person; this is mainly due to the fact that I can’t swim, at least not very well…I can dog paddle like a champ, but even that is only on occasion. But I do enjoy going out to South Padre Island whenever possible – taking photos, people watching, enjoying Mother Nature, drinking on the beach, and watching the windsurfers.

I’ve talked to some of the people windsurfing – some locals, some from other parts in Texas, and others from all around the US; last time I was out there (when I took this picture) I even met a couple from London, England.

Now, here’s where the “whatever the weather” part comes in….

True, it’s usually nice, warm, and sunny out at the island; but sometimes it is cloudy, cool, and even rainy…especially during the hurricane seasons. After talking with a handful of the windsurfers, I’ve noticed one common theme: Doesn’t matter what the weather is like, as long as there is some wind, you will likely find people windsurfing at South Padre Island.

Shot with Canon 5DMK2 and 70-200 2.8L IS lens.

ISO 200, 100mm, f5.6 @ 1/3200 sec. Edited with Lightroom 2.7.


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