going analog. january 5, twenty 12!!

It’s 2012. Crazy. If the Mayans are correct, the world ends this year…. fingers crossed for different results….

Two big resolutions this year: 1) blog more and 2) photograph more.

1) I originally started this blog because I was doing a 365 photo-a-day project with a hand full of friends and fellow photogs. However, due to school and relocating I did not finish the 365 project, but I wanted to keep shooting and sharing on the blog.

But I didn’t. Well, I did…but rarely.

2) I’ve joked about ditching all my digital gear and going back to film. Well, I am making 2012 the year that happens!!  I am not actually ditching my digital gear, but I do plan on shooting more with film cameras… and primarily with toy/plastic cameras.

Recently I made a quick day-trip to San Antonio, TX. On the way back home, I stopped by The Camera Exchange to pick up some step-up rings for my dad and just to “window shop.” While there, I noticed they had a handful of Lomography Cameras for sale. Lomography, or Lomo, cameras are basically analog, (generally) plastic “toy” cameras that provide really awesome images. Most importantly… they are FILM cameras!!! I have a few Lomo cameras already, but always looking to add to my collection.

While browsing, I noticed they have the Lomo La Sardina. This is a relatively new camera from Lomo that I have been looking to buy… and I did! So here is my new camera that I am sure will be getting lots of attention in 2012 and beyond… if we make it past 2012 that is…

Shot with iPhone 4s using The Best Camera app.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 2.7

  1. Can’t wait to see your shots!!! :*

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