february photo-a-day challenge. the update, days 5-19. february 19, twenty twelve

For those following me on twitter or facebook you probably know that I am participating in a photo-a-day challenge for the month of February; actually, if you are reading my blog you probably know that as well.

Yes, I am still doing the challenge and still shooting a picture (based on the topic, see the entire list here or check my Day 1 post). However, because this is all about sharing your photos – twitter, facebook, instagram, and/or other social media outlets (of your choice; I am sticking with instagram, twitter, and occasionally facebook) – I am only shooting with my iPhone 4s. I am doing this for 2 reasons: 1) it is much easier to share photos taken with a device constantly connected to the internet, 2) I am testing the camera in the 4s…and thus challenging myself in a way.

Because I have been using the iPhone, I have not been posting each day on my blog…instead I am posting several days at once. So, here are Days 5-19; make sure to check out Days 1-4 which are already posted on the blog. Enjoy.

Day 5 – 10AM:

Day 6 – dinner: 

Day 7 – button: 

Day 8 – sun: 

Day 9 – front door: 

Day 10 – self portrait: 

Day 11 – makes you happy: 

Day 12 – inside your closet: 

Day 13 – blue: 

Day 14 – heart: 

Day 15 – phone:

Day 16 – something new: 

Day 17 – time: 

Day 18 – drink: 

Day 19 – something you hate to do: 

All images shot with iPhone 4s using instagram and camera+ apps.

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