life gets in the way. november 4th, twenty thirteen.

Between looking for a job, helping my dad move BACK to Texas, teaching  workshops, and trying to figure out what direction my life is going in…my posts have stopped. In fact, I (sadly) haven’t taken many photographs period.

What can I say…life gets in the way.

Lately, I participated in the Scott Kelby Photo Walk, took a few pictures when the lady-friend Rocio came for a visit, then a few random adventures (including one with my old photography club in Brownsville, TX) and that’s been it. My camera has spent way too much time in the bag…

While I still have no idea what, or where, my life is headed, Rocio has been pushing me to shoot more and post more – so I am. Back in Las Cruces (for now…) and ready to get back in the “groove.” I plan on continuing my “dumpster art” series and I have a few other ideas for future projects; one involving shadows that I am pretty excited about.

This weekend, I rented a camera to play around with (a post on this coming later) and, more importantly, the lady friend is coming to visit! I assume many pictures will be taken and adventures had. I must say, it is great having a photographer for a girlfriend; she is always there to push me when I am in a rut and get after me when I just get lazy.

Well, with that, here are some of my recent photos from the last few months…

hope cemetery_1ab

fillmore canyon_3

la cueva trail_2

photo copy 2

la cueva trail_3

la cueva trail_4

photo 1

photo 2

photo copy









la cueva trail_1

Yup…that’s a picture of the lady friend, Rocio. I am sure she will yell at me for posting this picture, but I am thankful for her and her pushing me. Yeah, yeah…I am being cheesy. Later this week I’ll have a few photos up from Mesilla Plaza and the Día de Muertos  festivities.

Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 and a variety of lenses; some images shot with iPhone 4s.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 4.4.

  1. Well done Señor Peinert! I am very glad to c u back in bloggyland. We have missed you around here. You are such a good boyfriend for listening to your Lady Friend 😉

    Favorite shot will be NOT ME but number 8, the b&w fence. The tripod shot is freaking kool too, the shadow looks like the robots from the movie “war of the worlds” NICE!
    Lucky! you shot Steven Jobs doing balloons hehe 🙂 and totally love the green sandals on that kid! 🙂

    Keep up the good job and I can’t wait for this weekend to be AWESOME!!!

    TE AMO!!!!

    I am blessed to have an AMAZING Boyfriend/Photographer Partner or my Partner in Crime 😀

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