who’s yo daddy! november 8th, twenty thirteen.

Look! Another post! I (sometimes) keep my promises!

A while back…OK, several months ago… a few Las Cruces friends went on a photo walk to Big Daddy’s Flea Market.

Big Daddy’s is a large indoor/outdoor flea market that I have been wanting to head out to since moving here…primarily because they have a record store. I’ve taken pictures at flea markets before, and they are fun, but after a while you are just seeing the same things over and over.

Going out with a group of photographers from the Dona Ana Camera Club is a different story. I really enjoy going out photographing with other people – 1) you get other ideas/see new things, 2) if there is nothing worth shooting, you have someone to talk to.

We walked around for a bit, snapped some shots, and had a good time overall. Here are some of my favorites…








bigdaddys_2Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 4.4 and Silver Efex Pro 2.

  1. WOW 😱 I’m so proud of u my love!! 😘
    Love them all!! I love all your randomness. Keep them coming baby!


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