shootin’ the bird. march 17th, twenty fourteen.

When I first moved to Las Cruces a couple of years ago, I heard about a giant roadrunner sculpture; I asked around a bit and got several stories. Finally, a quick Google search gave me a better understanding of what the roadrunner is… It’s an educational piece created by artist Olin Calk and it’s made entirely out of recycled materials (to help educate about recycling…in case you didn’t make that connection).

Some of what I read said the bird was once a “welcome sign” for Las Cruces, but it’s since moved around and slowly deteriorated (it is made out of trash after all…). Since I never got a straight answer as to where the bird is, or if it still existed, I gave up my search.

One day while wondering the Farmer’s Market, I saw a picture of the roadrunner…my curiosity was again piqued and I asked the gentleman about the photo. In an apparent attempt to sell me the photo, he gave this long story of the bird and why it’s moved so many times – of note: this was again a completely different story from anything else I have heard – I asked where I could find the roadrunner and he gave me directions to the artist’s home (curiosity again rose since he failed to mention whether the sculpture was there or not). 

Fast forward to February 2014, when the lady came for a visit, we’re driving around wondering what to do. It hit me. I pulled out of my phone and she got the directions (I started to do this myself, but she yelled and took the phone).

It was pretty easy to find…I mean there is a giant roadrunner in the guy’s front yard after all…We stopped, got the meet Olin and finally get the true story (or at least his version of it); after chatting with the artist for a bit, we set off to photograph the infamous roadrunner – 







Images shot with Canon 5DMK2, Canon 35 1.4L lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 5.3.

  1. Did the artist ever see the pictures?

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