model shoot. organ, new mexico. october 8th. twenty fifteen.

The theme “life gets in the way” seems to reoccur often in terms of my blogging abilities. But life really has gotten in the way, especially lately. Sure, I haven’t posted since January (that was only a couple of months ago, right?), but between finishing school and traveling, I just stopped posting. So, in short dear reader, get ready for an onslaught of blog posts in the next couple of days as I (once again) try to revive this…

A couple of months ago, 2 other photog friends got together for a model shoot. We decided to head out to Organ, New Mexico and utilize a dilapidated building just off the highway. Now, I am not a people photographer – unless they are laying on an operating table – so I went in with caution. In fact, I was just planning on sitting back and let Erik and Frank do the shooting; I would just assist, handle lighting, and get some behind-the-scenes shots. However, while holding the reflector, I started to “see” things. I saw the way the sun was coming in across the model as she sat in a busted out window frame. It was perfect. So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and started shooting away. Later, I had an idea for a shot, after Erik and I worked through a lot of tests, we finally got what I was looking for; it would have been perfect had it not been for a flash we forgot to relocate – this is the problem with only having the back of the camera to view images, you don’t see everything.

Here are a few of my images from the shoot in Organ:

Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_5 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_7 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_3 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_9 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_4 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_6c Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_2 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_8 Olivia Jaques, organ, nm_1 copy

Images shot with Canon 5DMK2 and a couple of different lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

    • JDW
    • October 8th, 2015

    Very nice.

    • Kristina Kissinger
    • February 16th, 2017

    So talented. So beautiful. RIP Olivia

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