new camera. october 10th. twenty fifteen.

So, I got a new camera!…back in June…

Some of you know that I’ve been shopping around for a smaller camera system. I love my Canon, but I don’t always like lugging it around. It’s heavy and the lenses are heavy; it’s just too much to bring when I don’t even know if am going to shoot, but still want a camera for “just in case” moments. I find a camera I like, but then something new comes out, so I keep putting it off. This past summer I knew I would be traveling, so I wanted something small to carry around all the time. I like the Fuji X100(x), but couldn’t justify $1,300.00; I’ve used them before and REALLY want one – the controls are fantastic, the image quality is great and they are just fun to use. But again, the price. I wanted to get something quick; I was looking and came across the Ricoh GR. I’ve heard good things about it, watched a couple of reviews and all was mostly positive. When I saw it was on sale, I pulled the trigger. It’s a fixed lens (23mm equivalent), small and pocketable (smaller than the X100), and easy to use. It’s a perfect “walk around” camera with great image quality and a fixed lens, which is what I was looking for.



It easily slips in my pocket. It is easy to use. It shoots RAW (DNG).

The GR has served me well so far. Again, the key feature is the fact it’s so small. I always have it in my backpack (or pocket). It was great when I went to Santa Fe in June. It survived a fishing trip in July. And I’ve even done some product work with it. I really haven’t had any complaints so far. This won’t replace my Canon system, but it’s nice to have a camera that is small enough that I don’t think twice about taking it with me.

Here are a few images I’ve grabbed with the Ricoh GR:

santafe-06-22-15_1 deadoptimus_1 farmersmarket_1 farmersmarket61315_1 farmersmarket61315_3 farmersmarket61315_4 farmersmarket61315_5 farmersmarket61315_6 farmersmarket61315_7 farmersmarket61315_8 organ_1 organ_2 organ_3 santafe-06-22-15_2 santafe-06-22-15_3 santafe-06-23-15_4 santafe-06-23-15_5 santafe-06-23-15_3

Images shot with Ricoh GR (23mm equivalent lens).

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

  1. Some fantastic images with the Ricoh !

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