Day One. January 1st. Twenty Eighteen.

What can I say?!!? It’s 2018!

I took a little over 3,000 images (3,193 to be exact, thanks Lightroom) in 2017 (2,000 were at the ONE football game I photographed 😑); this is low for me.

I’ve gone back and forth on different projects to encourage me to take more photographs. I found several but couldn’t decide where to start. Or when to start. I visited with several photographers who were all in the same sort of “rut” as me. We talked about ideas but never followed through with any of them. Excuses always came up: Busy with work. Busy with family. Broken cameras. No motivation. No film. Dead batteries. Etc. I wanted my photography to improve. I wanted to be challenged. I had an idea: Start a 365 on January 1. 


I attempted a number of 365 projects.

I failed all of them.

So why would this be any different.

Well, for starters, this will be the first 365 project that I am starting on January 1st. Each previous attempt, for some reason or another, was started on random days in January or even February. Also, I feel more motivated to work on my photography. To try new things. New challenges. As I mentioned, I have several (at least 2 dozen) photography project ideas found from various sites/magazines. Some are pretty basic, like 30 day black and white challenge, while some are more specific, like photograph something green for a week or use ONLY a 50mm lens. I have plenty to kick start this.

Also, on the unexpected side, I got a new camera for christmas. So, with new equipment comes a new push to create.

So here it goes… Day 1/365

Image shot with Sony a7II, Sony 50 1.8 lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC .

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