60/365. Weathered Entry. March 1st. Twenty Eighteen.

I honestly don’t recall how far I made it on my last 365 attempt. But today I hit #60 on this round. Honestly, I am already happy; I mean, I’ve gone 60 days with taking (nearly) a new photo each day. I’ll be honest – and I think I already shared this – but sometimes I go out and photograph for a couple of hours and then spread those images out for few days. BUT…I am still out shooting more than I have in a long while. And…most importantly…I am enjoying myself again! I am enjoying finding new things to take photos of. I wanted to start a different project this month – either a black and white or maybe this idea I have of photographing kitchen utensils (maybe I’ll do this one in April). But I randomly decided to take a different way home from work and found this door. I love the weathered look of the wood and how the paint is completely worn off in places.

A weird thing to say, but this photo describes a lot about how I feel inside right now.


Image shot with Sony a7II, Sony 28 2.0 lens.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom CC.

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