365 photo-a-day project intro

I have been viewing these 365 photo-a-day projects for the last few years and have always wanted to do one but never thought I would have the time or patience.

As 2010 begins, I want to do more with my photography. I had been hitting a lot of walls when trying new things with my photography and often become discouraged. I felt this was the year to challenge myself as well as re-learn a lot of the “basics” of photography.

What better way to challenge myself than finally do one of these photo-a-day projects. I see this allowing several challenges –

1) Taking ONE photograph a day. I work two part-time jobs and am a full-time masters student. This takes up most of my day; and often times I am too tired to go out and take photos. This project will “force” me to get behind the camera every day.

2) Edit my photos down to one. Often when I shoot, I come back with MANY images to edit. Some keepers, some “fix with Photoshop”, and others trash. This will help my editing skills because I will only post ONE photo a day.

3) Overall improving my photography skills. Obviously, taking MORE photos (generally) makes one a better photographer.

I am doing this project with a handful of other local photographers so look for links to their 365 projects as well. However, due to my scheduling (and being a late bloomer) I will be starting on February 1st, 2010 – thus making easier for myself to keep up with dates. (Yes, I am partially making an excuse for not having my shit together!)